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taskforce – An RGP company

The parent company of taskforce AG has been Irvine-based RGP (California, USA) since its sale at the end of August 2017. RGP is a multinational consultancy, which supports companies in overcoming their challenges with temporary managers and experts. taskforce AG was set up in 2007 by Jens Christophers and Lennart Koch, who continue to be responsible for business operations as Executive Board members.

The affiliation with the RGP Group results from the need for a global presence in the market for professional management services. taskforce is reflecting the internationalization of its customers' value creation chains and expanding its service portfolio by entering this global operating platform.



You are searching for an experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

Jens Christophers

Die Erfolgsbasis unserer Mandate sind der aufwendige Auswahlprozess der Manager und die passgenaue Besetzung.

Jens ChristophersVorstand und Gründer der taskforce AG