Code of Conduct

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Code of conduct

Our values

Successful interim management and project management at the highest level is fundamentally based on confidence in the integrity of the individuals and their outstanding performance. The partners and managers of our firm have formulated a Code of Conduct, which is based on our commonly held values – quality of results, loyalty and responsibility – to make the expectations we have of ourselves and business partners more transparent.

All partners, managers and employees of taskforce undertake to personify and actively promote this Code of Conduct as a binding framework for their actions both within and outside the company.

(1) We act on the basis of existing legislation and shared ethical convictions.

(2) We also expect business partners and their employees to comply with the law and act with integrity, and we disassociate ourselves from anyone who does not adhere to this Code of Conduct.

(3) We maintain independence and impartiality within the scope of our work.

(4) We treat all information as confidential, handle it with the utmost care and in compliance with the principles of data protection.

(5) We inform our customers immediately and comprehensively and document the progress of our work.

(6) We advocate fair competition.

(7) We work with our clients and with members of the taskforce network in a respectful and valued manner.

(8) We only accept commissions with prospects of success and clarify the conditions required for success.

(9) We justify the investment in our services by means of fast payback.

(10) We strive for the sustainability of the results achieved beyond our mandates.

Dr. Matthias Wefer

In most cases, the solutions are obvious. The implementation makes the difference.

Dr. Matthias WeferPartner at taskforce