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Cooperation Partners

taskforce's collaboration and market partners

SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator

Working hand in hand with other famous sponsors such as Porsche, Postbank, Blue Corporate Finance, High Tech Gründerfonds and Axel Springer Plug&Play, Germany's leading company for professional interim and project management supports "SpinLab" with both finance and practical services. In addition to the annual financial contribution, support centers around the search for investors, jury membership for the Business Plan Competition, participation in the International Investors' Day as well as mentoring for company managers and corporate development. taskforce CEO Lennart Koch joins with other specialist jurors to select the best ideas and business models. He also provides some of taskforce's interim and project managers as mentors and advisors. They help start-ups to transform their ideas into realistic opportunities capable of taking their place in the market. Lennart Koch on the objectives of taskforce, "We do this because the accelerator concept has filled us with enthusiasm as a combination of economics, knowledge and a compelling site concept. At taskforce we want to play a part in shaping the increasing digitalization of the economy and, not least, to demonstrate our management skills by means of exciting cases."

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