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Swiftly fulfilling the objective 

Decisive and efficient action is required if interim mandates are to be quickly established and successfully implemented. Our interim executives are often able to meet agreed-upon objectives within just a few months, ensuring our clients sustainable added value and a rapid return on investment.

1. Analysis

No delayed project start – The essential analysis phase generally only takes us two to four weeks. During this time, the employer and our interim executive set up the implementation team, determine subgoals and procedures and define an ongoing monitoring process. 

2. Execution

Forming the basis for sustainable improvements – In the execution phase occurring in the middle four to six months, the interim executive implements the agreed-upon measures, oversees the attainment of objectives and follows up as needed. The employer receives periodic progress reports concerning the project. 

3. Ensuring success

Prompt results shorten the duration of the mandate – In the one- to two-month concluding phase, our interim executive gradually transfers project responsibility to internal management. This phase includes identifying, securing and documenting the attained results and, upon request, providing support during the process of hiring for the permanent position. In this way, a high level of commitment and continuity is guaranteed at each step. Where needed, our interim executives are available after the final phase to support the solid entrenchment of solutions and changes.

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