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Executive Search

Excellence - Care - Trust

Given demographic change and diminishing human resources, knowledge has become a decisive factor for sustainable corporate success. The recruitment of outstanding managers and technical specialists as bearers of this knowledge is increasingly becoming a key resource.

Our executive search partners specialize in the search for experienced top 1st and 2nd management level performers, as well as for personnel for challenging project management projects. They are able to source the right key personnel for clients in major corporations and SMEs.

Our executive search partners have specialized in the search for experienced top performers at the first and second managerial levels as well as for deployment in demanding project management. They find the right key personnel for clients both in major corporations and SMEs.


You are searching for a experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

Network - Quality of Relationships

Unlike traditional HR consultants, we are shaped by our own management experience in a variety of industries and roles and therefore understand our clients' requirements in detail. 

We have an extensive knowledge base of hundreds of candidates, a reliable network of recommendations and tried and tested selection and assessment processes.

Kristina M. Schneider

We work with the client to refine the search profile and subsequently undertake extensive interviews with selected candidates, checking them with the utmost care against quality standards developed over very many years.

Kristina M. SchneiderPartner at taskforce

Care and quality - Quality standards in the selection process

In an era of global online networking, it appears probable that even strategically critical human resources can be found online. However, technology cannot replace the insight gained from numerous management projects and recruitment assignments about which candidate is truly suitable for a vacant position. This is why a needs analysis and search for the best candidates is essential based on each specific case.

We work with the client to refine the search profile and subsequently undertake extensive interviews with selected candidates, checking them against quality standards developed over many years. Only experienced managers with outstanding qualifications, proven success and long-standing management experience are included in our selection process.

Dr. Susanne Ribbert

Executive Search thrives from Business-Know-How, personal contact and a deep empathy for people and corporate cultures.

Dr. Susanne RibbertPartner at taskforce

Trust and solutions - Loyalty, discretion and clear agreements

Trust is an advance against the services to be performed. Our foremost objective is to justify the trust of our clients through the speed of our selection process and outstanding results. We always examine a candidate's specialist, methodological and social skills as well as their medium to long term career planning to select candidates who will assume a position for the long term. Our clients' return on investment can only be guaranteed with long-term solutions.

A further criterion is the context of the vacant position. This includes internal constraints, such as corporate strategy, management culture and development outlook, as well as other regional and cultural aspects.

The selected manager must also trust us: loyalty, discretion, clear agreements and in-depth contacts provide us with access to managers unknown to many other HR consultancies. This is how we find the right men and women for challenging technical and managerial assignments.

Overview of selected references:

  • Marketing and Sales Director (mobile marketing)
  • Managing Director (media)
  • Managing Director (metrology)
  • Managing Director (specialist machinery construction)
  • Joint Managing Director (services)
  • Managing Director (plastics processing)
  • Commercial Director (construction materials wholesale)
  • Technical Director (specialist machinery construction)
  • Customer Service Center Manager (services)
  • Manager of  "on-line learning portals" (media)
  • Country Manager, Switzerland (services)
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Kristin Gölkel

Lennart Koch