Construction and Building Suppliers

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Construction and Building Suppliers

Raise growth prospects and realize productivity increases

The shortage of accommodation in regional conurbations, the investment backlog in the infrastructure sector and the favorable interest rate environment are continuing to offer good growth prospects to the construction industry. The challenges facing the industry are mainly the increase in productivity with digital optimization of complex planning and process cycles, and in the growing skills shortage.

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Examples of taskforce projects in Construction and Building Suppliers:

  • Project manager and Head of Logistics at a production plant
  • Stop-gap for line function Director Group Controlling
  • Interim Director Group Sales & Service
  • Technical CEO
  • Head of worldwide logistics
  • CFO for overseeing restructuring
TASKFORCE Case studies
Case Studies Overview

Technical Director

Optimization of production by assumption of management of the "Engineering" department and coaching of the successor generation

Customer Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH
Industry Building & Supplies
Solution General Management
Function Technics and Production, General Management
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