Food Industry

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Food industry

Increase levels of quality, sustainability and efficiency

The growth of the food industry is characterized by growing consumer awareness of health, sustainability and products sourced locally, and at the same time by continual cost and competitive pressures. Increasingly fragmented consumer behavior, regulatory interventions and the technology-driven transition of value-add processes are also throwing down considerable challenges to adapt for companies.

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Examples of taskforce projects in the Food Industry:

  • CRO for personal hygiene, tea and wellness products
  • Director of Operations as a stop-gap
  • Restructuring of a regional brewery
  • Program management for the energy supply of a large-scale dairy
  • Definition, control and implementation of a cost reduction program
  • Head of Quality and Validation
TASKFORCE Case studies
Case Studies Overview

Program Manager for cost reduction project

Ongoing development of program management and set-up of total program control (PMO) as part of a cost reduction program

Customer Food producer
Industry Food Industry
Solution Program and Project Management
Function Program and Project Management, Finance
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