Health Care and Life Science

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Health Care and Life Science

Render possible quality and efficiency

In the health sector, innovative solutions are sought which render possible and safeguard in equal measure high quality of supply and efficient value-add processes. Digital technologies offer enormous potential for increases in quality and performance, networked collaboration and value-adding data management on the basis of Big Data applications. For hospitals, insurance companies, clinics and pharmaceutical & medical companies, successful management of these opportunities will become the decision competitive factor.

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Examples of taskforce projects in Health Care and Life Sciences:

  • Interim CEO as stop-gap for vacancy
  • Establishing and management of a war room following a failed IT rollout with complete outage of production
  • Creation of transparent structures and processes, and introduction of IT systems in the financial sector for a growing start-up
  • Creation of transparency, company growth and strategic positioning
  • Establishing of a sales management system
  • Temporary assumption of marketing management position
  • Executive committee for supply chain, including production
TASKFORCE Case studies
Case Studies Overview

War Room Projektleitung

Projektleitung zur Etablierung eines War Rooms und Krisenmanagements für einen reibungsloseren Produktionsablauf des neuen MES-/ERP-Systems

Customer R. P. Scherer GmbH & Co. KG
Industry Health Care und Life Science
Solution Program and Project Management
Function Program and Project Management, Information Technology

Vertriebsleitung und Potential-Check

Führung des Vertriebes inklusive Analyse, Neustrukturierung und Neuausrichtung

Customer Anonym
Industry Health Care und Life Science
Solution Growth und Optimization
Function Sales
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