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Information and communication technologies

Innovation and implementation management for a dynamic market

The dynamic markets of information and communication technologies are highly competitive - national and international vendors are fighting for customers, market share and innovations. The product offering in sub-segments is broad and diverse, competition is hugely intense, and high pressures on price and margins are the norm. Extremely short product life cycles, continually new technologies and strict time-to-market requirements are forcing companies to increase levels of innovation and efficiency. Continuous consolidation is part and parcel of the business. Service provider companies are frequently battling with fluctuating utilization - in product-driven business on the other hand, the critic point is often in the product development process. 

Like virtually no other sector, the ICT industry is driving innovations in other sectors and is experiencing a prolonged boom as a consequence of the digital transformation. However, technology and infrastructure vendors and service providers are in formidable global competition for the best solutions in “Big Data”, “Enterprise 2.0” (digital networking), “Industry 4.0” and “Internet of Things”. “Time-to-market” is the formula for success, and the tussle for the best innovation and implementation management talent is correspondingly fierce.

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Examples of taskforce projects in Information and Telecommunication Technologies:

  • Program management for digital transformation
  • Program management for demerger and reversal of a joint venture IT business between three insurance groups
  • Interim CFO
  • Interim CEO for the restructuring of the DACH region of a global IT service provider
  • Establishing of a new business division
  • Service Center Manager – optimization, expansion and management
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes
  • Program management for IT outsourcing at insurance group
TASKFORCE Case studies
Case Studies Overview

IT security – "Merkel's mobile"

Set-up of the "Unified Inbound Communications" Business Unit to protect the company's own business model in destination countries, and realization of customer projects

Customer Start-up of an IT corporation
Industry IT/ Telecommunications
Solution Digital Transformation
Function Program and Project Management, Sales

Intelligent/partially autonomous data evaluation

Analysis of the entire situation, design and specific planning of a realization road map for the refocusing of the company, as well as the active implementation and operational control of the designed measures

Customer Pixelboxx GmbH
Industry IT/ Telecommunications
Solution Digital Transformation
Function General Management, Information Technology

Sales Excellence Programm

Assumption of responsibility for project management of the "Sales Excellence" project with the aim of improving sales performance

Customer IT services and solutions company
Industry IT/ Telecommunications
Solution Growth und Optimization
Function General Management, Sales

Workflow automation in sales

Automation of processes from quotation to sales generation

Customer Information and communications technology company
Industry IT/ Telecommunications
Solution Digital Transformation
Function Program and Project Management, Sales

Disruptive business model

Definition of transformation models away from the phone book business, and positioning of the company for a sale

Customer Telekom AG
Industry IT/ Telecommunications
Solution Digital Transformation
Function Program and Project Management, General Management
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