Raw Materials / Refining

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Raw materials / refining

Extract and use raw materials efficiently and without depleting resources

Virtually all industries are based on the extraction and refining of raw materials. Most natural resources are not renewable and only have a limited supply. The safeguarding, refinement and efficient usage of raw materials have therefore developed into key strategic matters for all industrialized nations. Minimization of consumption and sustainable substitution with renewable or artificially reproducible raw materials represent the central potential for innovation and growth.

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Der Wirtschaftssektor

  • Interim CFO
  • Introduction of project management as policy unit
  • Carve-out and Head of IT
  • Project management for the reconstruction of a plant which had burned down
  • CEO of an Eastern European subsidiary
  • Optimization of the supply chain and minimization of the working capital of a plant fertilizer supplier
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Disruptives Geschäftsmodell

Konversion vom klassischen Papierhersteller zum Anbieter von digitalen Durckmaschinen - Teilprojekt Innovationsmanagement

Customer Felix Schoeller Group GmbH & Co. KG
Industry Raw Magterials
Solution Digital Transformation
Function Program and Project Management
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Patrick Julius

Christian Lindner