HR Management

Allocating and deploying expertise and resources as and when needed

Companies of all sizes are under considerable pressure to adapt and become more flexible. More flexible organization of work and a strategically aligned HR organization are required to allocate and deploy expertise and resources as and when required to enable strategy shifts, business alignments and transformation processes to proceed as smoothly as possible.

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Examples of taskforce projects in Personnel Management include:

  • Interim HR Director
  • Restructuring and reorganization: personnel restructuring, social plans, company closures, outplacement, negotiations and social partners
  • Change management: process architecture, change communication, mediation, executive support and empowerment, monitoring


  • Set-up: founding of new companies, post-merger integration, start-up support
  • Sourcing, recruitment & retention, employer branding
  • Flexibility of work organization (agility)
  • Executive promotion, talent management, development of next generation, succession planning
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