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Interim management by experienced line managers and certified project managers

Professional interim management offers companies management resources at short notice as many leadership and management tasks arise very short-term and also have a time limit. This presents substantial challenges for private as well as public institutions: In-house own management is usually working to capacity and there are often no additional resources available ad hoc. Companies and other organizations are therefore increasingly searching for fast support from experienced interim managers. Line managers and project managers from taskforce are immediately available for fixed-term tasks – they compensate for lack of capacity, supplement required skills, bridge vacancies and implement challenging projects with a high standard.


You are searching for a experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

Jens Christophers

Managers need leadership skills and leaders need management skills.

Jens ChristophersCEO and founder of taskforce GmbH

Specialist for Temporary Line Management and Project Management

As a partnership for professional interim management, taskforce combines the professional competence and the long-standing experience of successful managers from nearly all sectors of the economy. We support our clients in overcoming temporary challenges in line management as well as in the management of complex strategic projects and programs. Whether tasks in business development, efficiency increase or reliable crisis management of restructuring or reorganization: 

Excellent implementation skills, well networked management knowledge and the acknowledged high quality of manager selection allow us to offer our clients efficient problem solving and measurable added value.

Unlike most management consultants, interim mangers from taskforce AG take on operational responsibility at the client company, working hand in hand with in-house management as line managers or certified project managers. Over 5,000 appointments in almost all industries and positions are both evidence and foundation of our competence.

Lennart Koch
Many years of management success in upper line management are the prerequisite for efficient interim management.
Lennart KochCEO and founder of taskforce GmbH

Temporary Leadership Responsibility in Line Management

taskforce interim managers are experienced line managers who have held responsibilities on the first and second management level in companies for many years. Against the backdrop of their successful management careers, they take on complex challenges as interim managers, convincing clients, business partners and shareholders and showing motivation and results in leading the employees they are entrusted with.

The managers from taskforce are selected according to demanding criteria and have learned the line management of medium-sized companies and groups of companies from scratch.

They consequently carry out their tasks in a consistent manner from the client's point of view while working at eye level with in-house management. As line managers they are able to adjust immediately to the starting situation and to the corporate culture of the line organization, taking on operative responsibility without extended settling-in periods. Their experience, flexibility and assertiveness allows them to efficiently control all line manager tasks, particularly in difficult situations or in case of vacancies, and to selectively implement the derived measures within the organization.

Reliable Leadership and Operative Proximity

taskforce interim mangers are used to “getting on the bridge” immediately to initiate necessary decisions and take responsibility. At the same time, they are always ready to go directly into the “engine room” to get hands on together with the “crew”. 

This “do-how” mentality of our managers creates a specific knowledge transfer into the company with long-term benefits. At the same time this shows a leadership concept which not only demands results but knows, imparts and supports specific problem solving for difficult tasks.

Line Management For Family-Run Companies

Many clients of taskforce are family-owned medium-sized companies. The individual characteristics of their corporate structures and management require specific solutions and personal support. We have been achieving special successes in this 

area for many years: Our line managers take on critical management functions or specific management responsibility on behalf of the advisory board at short notice or they guide family members towards taking on positions of responsibility.

Efficient Implementation of Strategic Projects – High Quality Project Management®

The increasing demand on companies and other organizations to become more flexible means that the number of strategically important projects is constantly rising. Whether strategy projects, investment projects, development projects, organizational projects or change projects – competent and experienced interim project managers form the basis of efficient project management.

In practical application, only about a third of all projects achieve their essential targets. The most important reasons for this are obvious:

Most projects today have a size and complexity which cannot be managed with classic project management methods alone.

In addition to this, project management is often handed to line managers without sufficient expertise or to project managers without the required leadership experience and authority. Successful management and implementation of strategic projects and programs, however, requires comprehensive skills, resources and experience at the highest management level.

For complex challenges of this type, taskforce offers its clients HQPM® – High Quality Project Management – as an interim management service.


  • combines proven top management skills with certified project management expertise
  • is a flexible interim project management instrument for managing and implementing strategic projects and programs
  • allows companies to add their project management skills and capacities ad hoc or to restructure struggling projects efficiently


  • are project managers qualified and certified to recognized project management methods with long-standing management experience, excellent leadership qualities as well as distinct knowledge from interim management appointments in different industries and organizations
  • understand, drive and control projects as interim managers from a management perspective – from large projects and complex programs to the strategic transformation of entire companies