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Line Management

Temporary management responsibility in line management

taskforce interim manager are experienced line managers who have held first and second-tier management responsibility in businesses over many years. They are therefore able to tackle complex challenges as interim managers against the background of their successful management careers. They have the skill set to persuade clients, business partners and shareholders and manage the employees under them in a motivated and results-oriented manner.


You are searching for a experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

taskforce managers, who have been selected on the basis of exacting criteria, fundamentally understand line management in small and medium-sized businesses and corporations from the bottom up. They therefore systematically carry out their work from the client's perspective and work on an equal footing with the company's own management team. As line managers, they are able to immediately adapt

to the initial situation and the corporate culture of the line organization and directly assume operational responsibility without the need for long familiarization phases. Many years of experience, flexibility and determination enable them to efficiently control all tasks as a line manager, particularly in difficult situations, and implement measures derived from this in structures or processes in a targeted manner.

Lennart Koch

Many years of management success in upper line management are the prerequisite for efficient interim management.

Lennart KochFounder of taskforce

Line management for family-run businesses

Many mid-sized family-owned businesses are clients of taskforce. The individual peculiarities of their corporate structures and management require specific solutions and personal support. We have had particular success in this for many years:

our line managers therefore have the skill set to take on critical management functions or specific management responsibility at short notice on behalf of the board or mentor family members or new managers to assume responsible positions.