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Broad-based implementation expertise – over 900 experienced interim managers and experts

Assuming first and second-tier management responsibility is a matter of course for taskforce managers. Our interim managers only remain in the company until the agreed objectives have been met, tasks and projects implemented or vacancies permanently filled.


You are searching for a experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

Jens Christophers

The basis of our mandates‘ success is the elaborate selection process of the managers as well as the tailored staffing.

Jens ChristophersCEO and founder taskforce

Their line management and project management work is based on clear targets, timescales and fee rates. They think and act as a part of the client's organization and, thanks to their external position, are able to offer both new perspectives and solutions for challenges and hidden problems. Their independence, in terms of career politics, also enables taskforce interim managers to act in an unbiased and systematic manner and to credibly moderate between divergent interests. Our Code of Conduct obliges all taskforce interim managers to conduct themselves in an ethical way on the contract and strictly focus on the client.

Immediate deployment, fast implementation and long-term attachment are factors responsible for the success of taskforce contracts

Against the background of the growing dynamism and complexity of business transactions, finding the right expert for urgent and strategically important interim management projects and management tasks requires a good instinct for the client's needs, excellent contacts and many years of experience in the market. Whether our clients wish to temporarily cover a vacancy, restructure, reorganize or have other interim management contracts in other fields: we offer our clients expertise and experience acquired in over 5,000 projects.

Learn more about our managers, our unique selection process and assignment to contracts and get in touch with us if you are considering joining our partnership.