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Volkmar Halbe takes on challenges as CEO and CRO drawing on his more than 20 years experience as CEO and CFO of large international groups of medium-sized businesses. His work focuses on structuring and restructuring, strategic positioning of companies, internationalisation as well as sustainable innovation and brand management. He knows the wood, flooring, building material and furniture industry particularly well. His stand-out features are his strategic vision combined with assertiveness and strong implementation and communication skills.

Zur Startseite Field of Experience

  • Structuring and restructuring as CEO or CRO (more than 15 years as CEO / more than 20 years as C-level management
  • Strategic positioning and further development of companies
  • Innovation and brand management
  • Management in large and medium-sized family companies
  • Multichannel alignment of sales organisations
  • Development of top performance teams
  • Strategic foresight combined with strong implementation, communication and assertiveness

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