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Making innovative companies more efficient while transforming business models and processes with the goal of ensuring long-term profitable growth and sustainability – this expresses Dr. Marita Paasch's expertise and passion.

With over 20 years of leadership experience in top management of companies operating on an international stage – in both large corporations as well as in medium-sized and family-run companies – Marita Paasch assumes operational responsibility as CEO, COO or CTO. She combines her proven analytical competence with implementation strength. Her expertise lies in optimizing the entire value chain to increase earnings performance, from development to the production network, including securing the supply chain. She holds a doctorate in physics with commercial expertise and has extensive experience in technology companies in a broad range of industries, from high-tech to consumer goods.

Zur Startseite Field of Experience

  • Business model development, corporate strategy
  • Value chain and portfolio optimization
  • Efficiency and yield increase
  • Innovation and change management
  • Process optimization
  • Performance improvement, operational excellence
  • Restructuring