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Stefan Jütten

Stefan Jütten leads companies as CEO or CRO in restructuring situations. For this, he relies on more than 25 years of operational experience as General Manager in the pharmaceutical, health care and contract manufacturing industries. He has extensive international experience from North and South America, Europe and the Middle East and acquired strong intercultural skills. He combines market and client focus with mercantile and technical understanding. His successful ventures in complex organization and in various company models make him an expert on private equity, small and medium enterprises as well as corporations. His management style is hands on, inclusive and goal-oriented and he is quite capable of motivating personnel in crisis situations.

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Field of Experience

  • More than 20 years of experience as CEO/General Manager and head of marketing and sales.
  • Longtime international business experience (North and South America, Europe, Middle East)
  • Experience with private equity, small and medium enterprises as well as corporations
  • Marketing/sales background, deep understanding for mercantile and technical matters, negotiation skills
  • Focus on pharmaceutical, health care and contract manufacturing
  • Strategic realignment, restructuring and cultural change
  • Turnaround and post-merger integration
  • Development and implementation of strategies in international markets
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