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Gerhard Henschel

Gerhard Henschel leads as financial expert (line function, project manager, CFO/CRO) successful companies in the spin-off, restructuring and turnaround situations. With more than 20 years of management experience in the automotive, semiconductor and mechanical engineering sector, he has focused on performance and cash flow management, to raise capital from banks and investors. In addition, he draws on extensive experience in risk- and compliance-management. With his sophisticated methodological competence, professional target orientation and his soft skills he is able to accomplish swiftly as a Change Manager with involvement of stakeholders sustainable structural and process improvements within the company. For use at the international level he qualifies due to several years of international experience.

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Field of Experience

  • 20+ years of management experience as CFO/CRO (incl. treasury, controlling, project management) at midsize companies and multinationals
  • value-oriented business steering in combination with integrated strategic and operational planning (P&L, B/S, CF)
  • Change/transformation management in development, turnaround and restructuring situations
  • program management for the optimization of growth and cost structures, economic viability as well as cash flow
  • structuring, negotiation and implementation of sound financial structures
  • capital market/treasury/solvency/working capital/asset management
  • divestment and IPO experience
  • development of integrated risk management and governance systems
  • strong communication skills with teams, top management and (heterogeneous) shareholder structures
  • pronounced analytical skills, detail-oriented, well-developed methods expertise, innovative, solution-oriented, assertive
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