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Stefan Hansen

Senior Leader in several international assignments with a proven track record of achieving positive business results. More than 25 years of work experience. Managing Director and CEO of German and US companies since 2001. Expertise includes launching a start-up company as well as developing and implementing business strategies focused on customers and results. Experience in restructuring business units and redesigning business processes to increase productivity and to improve the quality of services. Has successfully managed turnaround projects and achieved sustainable profit and growth results. Leadership skills developed in positions across all management levels. Responsibility for revenue up to 900 m USD; managing companies and business units up to 8.000 employees.

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Field of Experience

  • Transformation executive in several assignments (CEO, COO, SVP, VP)
  • Restructuring of companies / business units (Turnaround)
  • Improvement of service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of productivity
  • Growth / Innovation
  • Post-merger integration
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