Sustainable City Solutions - Business development with sustainable urban development in Berlin

Dr. Michael Krumpholz is taking over as Head of Sustainable City Solutions on behalf of E.ON Germany:

E.ON Deutschland has been operating in Berlin since 2015 to position itself as one of the state's industrial partners when it comes to shaping changing urban energy policy. Against this background, the company resolved to make use of its strategic network in Berlin and set up a new operating division for sustainable urban development.

Against the background of a booming European city, from the outset it was the company's intention to use the development in Berlin as a flagship project for E.ON Germany's future business development throughout Germany. Responsibility for the operational implementation of these strategic guidelines was transferred to our manager Dr. Michael Krumpholz on an interim contract. His objectives were to develop a sales strategy for the Berlin market, acquire initial pilot projects and set up a municipal network.

Dr. Krumpholz gained an overview of the Berlin market through exploratory discussions with the key municipal stakeholders. In discussion with the key accounts, essentially the municipal real estate managers and residential construction companies, he then developed initial concepts for implementing pilot projects in new construction projects and in existing buildings. He did this jointly and in close consultation with E.ON Germany's Corporate Development department and with the associated companies e.dis, e.disterm and E.ON Connecting Energies. He was able to translate these ideas into specific quotations and conclude the first pilot projects with three Berlin key accounts.

Apart from working with municipal stakeholders, Dr. Krumpholz also developed sales leads with private residential companies, property management companies and project development companies. Overall he generated a sales pipeline with some 20 projects for the Berlin market.

Successfully establishing the Berlin team and the seamless transfer of all projects to the new Head of Sustainable City Solutions completed his successful remit, which also highlights the potential for the Sustainable City Solutions business approach throughout Germany. Based on the results in Berlin, E.ON Germany has now decided to build up this business throughout Germany.

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