The October task force partner meeting with Frank Asmus: convincing discussions and excellent presentations as important management tools

A significant differentiating factor for leaders is their personality and their individual communications capabilities. This is often used, but can always be improved. The partner meeting focused on convincing discussions and excellent presentations. Frank Asmus, a top Executive Coach and Director shared his vast knowledge on how innovative keynote presentations can positively influence corporate success. He cited the presentations by Steve Jobs. His keynote speeches are world-renowned. The more than 60 participants learned that these presentations are intensively rehearsed. Dramaturgy and a sense of staging are the key to a successful presentation.

Start-ups and companies started by young entrepreneurs differ significantly from traditional companies in their communications styles. As the Manager Task force is gaining responsibility in this field, it would be very helpful to investigate the communications culture of the Y generation and to determine the characteristics of the communications psychology principles that they use. A storyline begins with “why,” and moves from “how” to “what”. This is an example of a successful communications approach. Feedback culture is common in young companies. Many taskforce managers recognize that some of their employees practice constructive criticism. Many managers are also well-aware of cases of non-verbal communication. Frank Asmus’ exercise sequences refreshed this knowledge, and assisted in using these approaches.

These partner meetings take place twice a year, and always provide internal knowledge transfer. Exciting case studies from the company’s own history were another high point of the event. A traditional mid-sized company used a Business Model Canvas to develop an innovative business model. This case, called “Make ready and sell” gave insights into how one can proceed when the client companies prepare for sales. A sales excellence case also raised topics such as compliance risks; these are becoming more common in our increasingly-networked business world.

The task force can look back on successful partner meetings over the past 10 years, enriched by an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience from its partners and managers.

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