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Press Releases

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Experienced line manager with a focus on SMEs becomes Associate Manager of taskforce

Dr. Stephan Funke has over 20 years of management experience in mechanical engineering and in the automotive supply industry, both in major corporations and in...



Dr. Heinrich Schülen is a new taskforce partner

After four years as an Associate Manager, Dr. Heinrich Schülen has become a partner of taskforce – Management on Demand GmbH. With 30 years of consulting,...



5 years of momentum for company founders - 5 years of SpinLab

Five years after it was set up in Leipzig’s historic cotton mill, the start-up accelerator SpinLab continues its success story. Emerging from the HHL Leipzig...



Restructuring requires expertise, vision and great empathy

By Dr. Ronald Roos   Even successful companies have great difficulty retaining qualified employees. And yet motivated, independent-thinking and acting people...



Lean-Professional für Restrukturierung, Turnaround und internationales Projektmanagement

Seit November 2018 ist Dr. Fabian von Zwehl Assoziierter Manager der taskforce. Als Werksleiter, Bereichsleiter und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung in Konzernen...

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