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Efficiently executing strategic projects – with High Quality Project Management

The growing pressure on companies and other organizations to become more flexible is causing the number of strategically important projects to constantly rise. Competent and experienced interim project managers form the basis of high-performance project management – whether working on strategic, investment, development, organizational or change projects. In practice, only about one third of all projects achieve their main objectives. The general reasons for this are obvious. Today the majority of projects are of a size and complexity that is difficult to overcome with traditional project management methodology alone. Moreover, the management of these projects is often transferred to line managers who do not have sufficient expertise or to project managers without the necessary management experience and decision-making powers. The successful control and implementation of strategic projects and programs requires extensive expertise, resources and experience at the highest management level.


You are searching for a experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

Jens Christophers

Managers need leadership skills and leaders need management skills.

Jens ChristophersCEO and founder taskforce

taskforce therefore offers its clients HQPM® – High Quality Project Management as an interim management service for complex challenges of this kind.


  • combines proven senior management competencies with certified project management expertise
  • is a flexible interim project management tool for the control and implementation of strategic projects and programs
  • enables companies to supplement their skills base and capacities in project management on an ad hoc basis or efficiently reorganize projects in need of assistance


HQPM® Managers

  • are certified project managers, qualified in line with recognized project management methods, with many years of management experience, outstanding leadership qualities and sound knowledge of interim management contracts in many sectors and organizations
  • understand, drive forward and control projects as interim managers from a management perspective – from large-scale projects or complex programs to the strategic transformation of entire companies