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Model Manager

Extensive implementation skills - Over 1.100 experienced managers and experts

It goes without saying that taskforce managers take in responsibility at all management levels. We only stay until the agreed targets have been achieved, tasks and projects have been implemented or vacancies have been filled for the long term. Our work is based on clear targets, schedules and professional fees. We think and act as part of the client organisation, while offering a new point of view regarding and hidden problems thanks to our external position. Due to our independence in terms of career we are in a more credible position to moderate and resolve diverging interests.

taskforce managers are selected carefully in a multi-stage process and rank among the best in their field. We maintain our high standards for outstanding management quality and personal integrity by conducting annual evaluations of our partners and associate managers leadership and implementation skills. We have more than 1.000 certified and contractually bound network managers on hand for requests which cannot be handled by the 120 partners and ssociate managers in our team.

A complex five-stage selection process for interim managers ensures the top quality of taskforce





taskforce selects interim managers in several stages. We evaluate the résumé and carry out a telephone interview and at least one personal interview. After successful evaluation by the management, there is an option of becoming part of the taskforce society either as a network manager with a framework agreement, as an associated manager or as a partner. 

In addition to the personal meeting, references are checked and for associated managers or partners a Harrison Assessment is carried out. Managers who have already completed a successful interim management appointment with taskforce have a prospect of being directly accepted as a partner.

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