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Interim Management

Specialist for temporary line management and project management

taskforce, a partnership for professional interim management, brings together the specialist competencies and many years of experience of successful managers from almost all branches and sectors of business. We support our clients in overcoming temporary challenges in line management and in the management of complex strategic projects and programs. There are many diverse opportunities for deploying our line managers and project managers. Whether in business development, improving efficiency or sound crisis management skills in restructuring or reorganization: excellent implementation expertise, well connected management knowledge and a recognized high quality of managers enable us to offer our clients efficient solutions to problems and measurable added value.


You are searching for an experienced manager with excellent management skills? Please contact us!

Jens Christophers

Managers need leadership skills and leaders need management skills.

Jens ChristophersCEO and founder taskforce

Reliable management and operational proximity

taskforce interim managers are used to immediately "taking the helm" to initiate and take responsibility for the necessary decisions. At the same time, they are also prepared to get down to work in the "machine room" to provide operational help together with the "team". Our managers' "do-how" mentality creates trust and ensures defined and usable knowledge transfer within the company for the long term. At the same time, this demonstrates an understanding of management that promotes results at the same time as identifying, communicating and offering support with specific solutions to problems encountered with difficult tasks.

Over 5,000 contracts in almost all sectors and functions provide evidence of and represent the foundation of our expertise.

Click through the sectors and functions to learn more about the extensive service portfolio of taskforce – Management on Demand AG. Our case studies offer interesting insights into the structured approach our managers adopt with each contract.