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taskforce – International

Our global partner network ensures the successful implementation of internationalization processes

Only a few companies today can afford not to think on an international scale when it comes to their market, innovation and production strategy. Time and time again, the global connectivity of business presents companies in all sectors with new challenges, which they have to overcome in increasingly shorter time windows – whether in industry, retail or the service sector, in relation to market expansion, open collaboration or cross-border investment.


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Any company wishing to successfully develop new markets and target groups, and find the right partners for its global and increasingly digitally driven production and distribution processes, needs to act quickly and flexibly. Mid-sized companies, in particular, without their own representation, need experienced implementation partners on the ground to enter new regions and markets – from America to Asia.

taskforce is reflecting the progressive global interweaving of its customers' value creation chains with the global connectivity of its own service portfolio. As a part of RGP – Resources Global Professionals – we offer international customers in Germany and German customers worldwide excellent management services and develop stable solutions for new markets and regions.

We offer one-stop cross-border and cross-sector management on-demand, short-term implementation and global customer care with our recognized expertise in top-level interim and program management. Together with our partners, our international managers have specific knowledge of regional potential and market requirements, understand cultural characteristics and have key contacts for collaboration and knowledge transfer.

RGP - Accretive Solutions

Partnering with business leaders, they drive internal change across all parts of an enterprise:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Corporate advisory, information management
  • Human capital
  • Supply chain management and
  • Legal and regulatory.

RGP was founded in 1996 within a Big Four accounting firm.

Today, they are a publicly traded company with over 3,300 professionals, annually serving over 1,800 clients around the world from 72 practice offices. Headquartered in Irvine, California, RGP has served 87 of the Fortune 100 companies. The Company is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, the exchange's highest tier by listing standards. More information about RGP is available at

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