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Staffing process

Care and speed make the difference 

Selecting the right professional for strategically important projects and temporary leadership tasks requires a good feel for client needs, a great deal of experience and excellent contacts. In bridging vacancies, dealing with capacity constraints or making up for skills deficits,: our clients gain access to our expertise and experiences developed from over 7000 projects.

Jens Christophers

“Immediate availability, quick execution and sustainable results are the success factors of our mandates.”

Jens ChristophersCEO and founder taskforce

Find the right match in only a few days  

Accuracy of fit and speed are important success factors when it comes to finding the right manager to meet our clients’ individual requirements. This is why we invest in the ongoing quality of our data and processes. But in making the correct match, it is crucial that we be personally familiar with each of our interim executives. There is simply no better basis for the optimal filling of interim mandates. 

Care and speed in the selection of the right manager are the keys to the distinctiveness of our matching process 




  • Only days after receiving a company’s request, we generally present a set of pertinent manager profiles.  
  • We are at our clients’ side to offer them the full benefit of our experience as they decide on the most suitable interim executives.  
  • An initial telephone interview between the client and the selected candidate often occurs in around three days. 



  • Following a successful initial interview, the manager candidate is usually available for a personal on-site interview within a week.  
  • In the meantime, ourcontract management departmentdevelops suggestions for customizing our proven standard contracts.  
  • Once the contract has been concluded, the mandate can generally begin immediately. 


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Jens Christophers


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