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Project- & Program Management

Efficient execution of projects

The increasing pressure for adaptability and flexibility accounts for the constant increase in the number of significant projects. In strategic projects and those focused on investment, development or reorganization, specialized project management is a prerequisite for rapidly achieving objectives and bringing about lasting change.

In the world of business, only about a third of all projects achieve their objectives. Most projects are characterized by a dynamism and complexity that can no longer be handled solely through traditional project management methods. Above all, the management of a project is often assigned to line managers who lack sufficient expertise, or to project managers without the necessary leadership experience and decision-making authority.

Specific experience and skills are required to a much greater extent for the successful management and implementation of complex projects and programs.


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Interim Experts

  • support projects, tasks and teams with project management know-how and specialized professional expertise
  • offer companies a flexible tool to complement and expand their operational management capabilities on an ad hoc and point-by-point basis

Interim Executives

  • combine years of top management experience, outstanding leadership qualities, and knowledge drawn from countless mandates with proven project management expertise
  • understand, direct and manage projects from a management perspective – from major strategic projects and complex transformation programs to the recovery of ailing projects
"Managers need leadership skills and leaders need management skills."
Jens Christophers
CEO and founder taskforce