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Staffing Process

Care and speed make the difference

Selecting the right professional for strategically important projects and temporary leadership tasks requires a good feel for the client’s needs, a great deal of experience and excellent contacts. Whether bridging vacancies, dealing with capacity constraints or making up for skills deficits: we offer our clients expertise and experiences acquired from thousands of projects..

Finding the right match in only a few days

Accuracy of fit and speed are important success factors when it comes to finding the right manager to meet our clients’ individual requirements. This is why we are investing in the ongoing quality of our data and the development of our processes.

The competencies and references of all our Interim Managers have been checked as part of our quality assurance process.

Due to the special requirements in management positions, our INTERIM EXECUTIVES undergo additional assessments. However, it is crucial that we know our INTERIM EXECUTIVES in person from regular meetings and joint mandates to ensure the right "matching" at C-level. There is simply no better basis for the optimum filling of management mandates. Based on this relationship of trust and our own operational experience as Interim Managers, we respond to client requests by selecting the INTERIM EXECUTIVES with the most closely fitting skill set.

Care and speed in the selection of the right manager make our matching process unique

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  • A few days after we have received the request, we submit two to three suitable manager profiles to the client.
  • We are on hand to advise our clients on the selection process
  • Often our clients have a discussion with us and the proposed managers after only three days.
  • The selected manager often visits the company in person within a week.
  • In the meantime, we are busy drafting proposals for individual additions to our tried and tested standard contracts.
  • The mandate can begin immediately once the contract has been concluded
„“Immediate availability, quick execution and sustainable results are the success factors of our mandates.”
Jens Christophers
CEO and founder taskforce

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