Kristin Gölkel is a taskforce Executive Board member with key responsibilities both for Delivery (recruitment & appointment process) as well as internal Human Resources and external focus on customers.

She oversees the management of national and international projects and supports taskforce clients in finding the most appropriate managers to match the demanding challenges of each project.  

A business economics graduate, Kristin has over 10 years’ experience operating at international executive level within personnel and organizational consultancies. Kristin is driven by a mindset of quality and responsibility which is consistent throughout taskforce’s mission statement. She forms part of a cohesive team which works openly and effectively with prospective clients. Besides her evaluation of applicants’ technical capabilities, her strengths lie in assessing their social and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, Kristin’s responsibility for specific needs analysis, set-up and optimization of structures & procedures with her expertise in potential analysis (e.g. Harrison Assessment) complete her profile.