About us

Stronger together

As a distinguished firm for interim line and project management, we combine the specialized skills and long-term experiences of successful Interim Managers from nearly all roles and sectors. In the manner of traditional employment agencies, we assume corporate responsibility for the entire mandate process.

Being part of taskforce combines the freedom of independent entrepreneurship with the reputation and security of a strong network under a single brand umbrella. An offer that is attractive to companies as well as Interim Managers. Even established professionals benefit from having good personal connections to our firm and being part of a strong community that is a “professional home” like no other.


Are you looking for an experienced Interim Manager with proven expertise and excellent qualifications? Get in touch with us. We have the right one to meet your needs.

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The freedom of independent entrepreneurship combined with the security of a strong network

Our company model offers numerous benefits to Interim Managers

Interim Experts

  • A considerably improved workload compared to self-marketing
  • Tailor-made inquiries for your own service portfolio
  • User-oriented access to a personal manager profile
  • Recommendations from colleagues and formation of teams
  • taskforce’s reputation and transfer of competence as a quality leader in interim and project management

Interim Executives

  • Compared to self-marketing, a clearly superior utilization rate averaging over eighty percent
  • Tailor-made inquiries for your own service portfolio
  • Permanent professional and administrative support
  • Unrestricted recommendations from colleagues and formation of teams
  • taskforce’s reputation and transfer of competence as a quality leader in interim and project management

INTERIM EXECUTIVES who opt for a partnership in our firm also benefit from:

  • Preferential recommendation with the same qualification
  • Active sales support
  • All relevant marketing services under a single brand umbrella (website presence, social media support, publication possibilities for cases and specialist topics)
  • Close professional and personal exchange, for partners through our regular partner meetings
  • Numerous opportunities for knowledge sharing and advanced training

How taskforce began

A wide range of services, fully developed acceptance, matching and quality assurance processes and professional contract management are all part of today’s Interim Management benchmarks. In 2007, to meet growing client demands as well as to offer prominent Interim Managers a common platform, Jens Christophers and Lennart Koch incorporated taskforce – Management on Demand. Both professionals are familiar with the interim market like few others, having served for many years as board members of the holding company Deutsches Interim Management e.V. (DDIM), founded at the start of 2003 by Jens Christophers. He shaped the company and was responsible for significant developments as its Board Chair until 2013. Today he runs taskforce alongside Kristin Gölkel. It was not long before other managers joined the initial partners to combine, share and develop their skills and resources in various forms of association.