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We Take on the Responsibility

Sustainability is one of the key global issues of the 21st century. It is widely agreed that Earth's natural resources must be preserved and that we must protect the world's climate for coming generations. After decades of primarily technologically driven transformations, this is changing fundamental economic conditions: Increasingly, countless regulatory requirements for sustainable business are affecting the entire business and economic value chain. 

The question facing many companies is how they will be able to adapt their business models and processes to these growing sustainability requirements while also remaining stable and profitable. From assessment and risk analysis to tangible reductions in emissions, resource consumption and other negative impacts, to a rigorously sustainable business model: Transformation on this scale require significant additional capacities and new expertise.

With taskforce, we strive to be excellently positioned wherever our customers' central management challenges can be found. To achieve a balance between economic, ecological and social goals, our INTERIM EXECUTIVES and EXPERTS temporarily assume responsibility in this field as well. Working closely with our clients' current management teams, they translate sustainability goals into effective measures and implement them efficiently. After all, one of their core competencies is managing complex implementation tasks and transformation programs, giving them a clear edge over outside consultants.


taskforce managers offer proven cross-functional competencies for complex sustainability programs and transformation projects.  

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a transformation issue critical for the success of companies. Against this background, many partners, associated managers and senior advisors are taking advantage of the opportunity to intensify their knowledge and skills in this field in a multi-day sustainability training course with our cooperation partner Sustainable Growth Associates Network SGA. 

In multi-day workshops, experienced SGA consultants provide a systematic understanding of sustainability and demonstrate a proven framework for the transformation of organizations. Participants discuss practical options for action based on case studies and why culture and attitude are particularly important when it comes to sustainability. The training also provides insights into web-based tools, such as the Sustainability Score Card, and application knowledge for baseline, context, and maturity analysis of risk, impact and potential of the case study. 

Beyond the training courses per se, the cooperation also extends to collaboration in SGA's joint "Sustainable and Future-Fit Organizations" and The Natural Step Germany. 




Are you looking for an experienced Interim Manager with proven expertise and excellent qualifications? Get in touch with us. We have the right one to meet your needs.

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