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Dr. Matthias Grundmann will act as CEO, CTO or COO in the management of companies during times of realignment, reorganization, internationalization, relocation or when increased efficiency is being sought. During these processes he takes advantage of his lengthy business experience, most recently as CEO and COO, in the management and configuration of medium sized companies and groups. Strategic corporate planning with particular regard to market development, innovation and internationalization as well as the operational management of development, industrial engineering, production, logistics and quality management are among his key skills. He sees the optimization of structures and processes as the goal on the path towards the continuous optimization of costs and profits. He contributes international experience from his employment in Turkey, the USA, Japan, China, South America and Eastern Europe. His industry knowledge includes the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, consumer goods and business consultancy. He considers that implementation efficiency, leadership by example and staff motivation are crucial factors in management if sustainable success is to be achieved.

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