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CEO for interim filling of vacancy

CEO for interim filling of vacancy

analyse iconSituation

  • The incumbent was appointed at short notice to the Executive Board of the holding company
  • Initiatives already launched ran the risk of being delayed
  • Management style based on targets, solutions expertise and own initiatives to be introduced
  • Existing silo mentality was to be dispelled and translated into integrative processes

umsetzung iconSolutions

  • Operational management and realization of sales and EBIT forecast
  • Continuation of change process initiated (Journey 2020)
  • Organization and management of leadership workshops,
  • follow-up of most important initiatives (processes, pricing, delivery performance)
  • Implementation of reorganization and filling of vacancies

erfolgssicherung iconErgebnis

  • Sales at forecast level,
  • EBIT approx. 20% above expectations
  • Introduction of target-setting agreements/regular feedback sessions
  • Process organization redefined, test processes planned and largely implemented
  • Departmental targets, KPIs and measures defined with department managers
  • Vacancies filled

Numbers and Facts

Measurable Success of the taskforce Interim-Manager

50 Sales in € million
200 Employees
1-2 Customer satisfaction
(in grades)
4 Months