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Although Sales is one of the most important functions within a company, at the same time it is often its Achilles heel. It is usually the performance of the Sales organization which determines how successful and profitable a company is in growth phases and highly destructive competition scenarios, and whether it can gain market share and continue growing.


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"Our customer thought, costs were too high. We soon found out that sales was the real issue. Today 40% of the international revenue derives from this newly built department."
Dr. László Nagy
Partner at taskforce

Moving Towards more Sales Orientation

  • Interim CSO, Interim Head of Sales (vacancy)
  • Initiation and implementation of Sales Excellence programs
  • Introduction of Customer Relationship Management and CRM systems
  • Establishment of Sales Control and Reporting
  • Development and establishment of a customer segmenting strategy
  • Restructuring of Internal Sales

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Interim line and project management in functional areas such as