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Supply Chain Optimization and Development of a new Logistics Center

Supply Chain Optimization and Development of a new Logistics Center

analyse iconSituation

  • Borgers has been producing components for the international automotive industry in the Czech Republic for around 20 years
  • The company's organizational development has been unable to keep pace with its rapid growth in recent years
  • Production processes for the individual components are spread over all 3 works
  • The floor space, specifically for finished goods, is no longer adequate

umsetzung iconSolutions

  • Design and development of a new logistics center directly connected to production
  • Professionalization and streamlining of the SCM organization, in particular by creating an order center
  • Set-up of a future-proof production layout across all three Czech plants to reduce storage stages and, above all, internal transport
  • Reorganization of scheduling and control parameters and thus shift from a push principle to a pull principle throughout the entire production.

erfolgssicherung iconResults

  • The required storage area was determined and the design for a new logistics center completed within 6 months
  • The associated potential cost savings were around €4.5 million p.a.
  • The SCM organization was streamlined, an order center established and KPIs implemented
  • The future-proof production layout results in considerably reduced internal transport
"Peter Fischer is a manager who quickly analyzed the situation and, with his experience, implements "hands on" changes with our team during ongoing operation. His mantra "It's all about people - do it on-the-job", combined with his constructive approach got our restructuring under way, which we are now continuing to keep moving on our own."
Uwe Hengstermann
Managing Director

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