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Reorganization of Marketing & Sales

Reorganization of Marketing & Sales

Reorganization of marketing & sales

analyse iconSituation

  • Company in a phase of strategic realignment
  • The "Group Marketing & Sales" department was set up as the strategic organization for the management of all marketing and sales issues
  • Departmental reorganization needed to reduce the span of control
  • Competent manager with sales experience sought for implementation

umsetzung iconSolutions

  • Responsibility for employee management
  • Establishment of the department within the global corporate structures
  • Professional management of the launch process for the global CRM system
  • Development of a KPI system for sales control
  • Development of a strategy for global service business

erfolgssicherung iconResults

  • New budget process was adopted
  • Concept for strategic sales financial control
  • Roadmap for rapid roll-out
  • Conceptual input to standardize processes and systems ("oneERP" project)

Numbers & Facts

Measure Success of the taskforce Interim Manager

1.100 Sales in € million
(in total)
7.400 Employees
(in total)
1 Customer satisfaction
(in grades)
9 Months